FID Voltz

FID Voltz shares the same chassis with our gas version Dragon Hammer. It comes with our proprietary brushless motor. This 1/5th scale beast is probably the largest and heaviest RC buggy on the market.

Off-Road RC Electric Truck

FID Voltz is firstly rolled out in 2017. And then we made some upgradation. It is probably the largest and heaviest RC car on the market. Voltz shares all the good genes with our gas powered version Dragon Hammer: good clearance, solidity, stability. FID Voltz is designed with innovative four link suspension, huge 235 mm long shocks. Everything is made to go across any surface. The front suspension offers long travel with 185 mm long shocks and its gull wing design gives more ground clearence. Like Dragon Hammer, FID Voltz also comes with three alloy diff cases. The front and rear diffs comes with helical cut gears for a smoother and stronger mesh. The off-road tyres are efficient on nearly all surfaces: gravel, grass, muck, dirt and snow. The 7075 alloy turnbuckles offers more front ground clearence, while the caster blocks are much larger and are using larger bearings. As for the appearance, this is our pride. Aluminum is everywhere. People would fall in lover at the first glance with the metallic touch. To power up this 25kg beast, we specially designed a 680kv brushless motor. Working with a 300A ESC, Voltz would be the craziest whenever you bring it out for a bashing.


FID Proprietary Brushless 4 Pole Motor in 74 / 120mm & 300A Sensorless Brushless Servo, Max 8S Lipo Battery Capability


Heavy Duty Alloy Protective Plate in 5mm thick, All Metal Front Arms & Trailing Arms, Plus Pre-Installed Fender


Gull Wing Front Arms, Fully Metallic Adjustable Suspension System Consisting of 2 Absorbers & 2 Dampers

Rear Axle

Rear RWD Design, Real Scale Inspired Four Linked Suspension, Built-in Differential & Half-Shaft Drive


FID Proprietary All Terrain Tyre, Giant Size 230 × 80mm,  Aggressive Tread Engineered for Off-Road Domination

FID Voltz Brings You Real Monster Baja Truck

A Real Scale Inspired Baja Truck Specially Engineered to Release The Extreme Performance.
  • L × W × H: 878mm × 545mm × 423mm
  • Wheelbase: 620mm
  • Tire track: 465mm
  • Front Tyre Track: 560mm
  • Rear Tyre Track: 550mm
  • Max Speed: 90km/h (8S)
  • Main Chassis: 5mm 6061-T6
  • Esc Power Rating 300A: 8S Lipo
  • Chassis Height: 120mm
  • Servo Steering Power : 140kg (2x 70kg servos)
  • Battery Box Size: 190 × 75mm
  • Mud Terrain Tyres: 230x85mm
  • 5mm Thick Milled Alloy Chassis 6061-T6
  • Dual Steering Servo Set-Up 2x 70kg servos (140kg Combined)
  • Independent Front Shock Absorbers
  • Large Capacity Shock Absorebers: 235mm (Rear) 185.5mm (Front)
  • 7mm Thick Shock Shafts
  • Four Link Rear Trailing Arm Suspension System
  • Billet Alloy CNC Machined Rear Axle
  • Billet Alloy CNC Machined Trailing Arms
  • Billet Alloy Upper Four Link Ends With Rose Joint Ends
  • Billet Alloy Fourlink chassis mounts Front/Middle/Rear Differentials, With Billet Alloy Diff Cases
  • Rear Mounted 74/120 Brushless Motor
  • 8S 300A ESC & Brushless Motor System
  • High Capacity Battery Box (8S /12S Lipo Battery Capability)
  • ZTW 300A ESC
  • Motor:680KV 34000 Max RPM,74/120 Brushless Motor
  • 8S Lipo Battery Capability
  • Built in Cooling System
  • ESC Fixing Plate (3mm) : reserve insert position for hobbywing 200A ESC
  • Internal Rear Drive Shafts in 12mm
  • Helical Cut Front & Rear Differential Crown & Pinion Gears
  • Rear Telescopic Centre CVD Driveshaft in 25mm External
  • Front Telescopic CVD Driveshaft in 20mm External
  • Middle Differential Reversible System