FID Racing is a professional designer and manufacturer of radio controlled cars, especially large scale cars, as well as aftermarket parts. We started as an upgrade parts supplier for famous Losi, HPI etc, and then in 2013 rolled out our first large scae rc car, the famous Dragon Hammer. In late 2017, we brought out another large scale car, Voltz, an electric car. In late 2018 we started working on a rc gimbal car, CineMover, a professional utility, and in 2021 we rolled it out. CineMover is a RC Camera Car, a remote controlled camera moving platform. As of now we have 3 cars and a range of aftermarket parts.

FID Racing’s strength lies in its engineering capability and insight into the market trend. We are the first to introduce solid axle, electric starter, hydraulic braking system, one-key reverse into 1/5 scale category. Most of our products are made of aluminum alloy via CNC machining. The solidity of our products is just like our pursuit in creating good things.

Customer Reviews

FID has been around for ages. There are a lot of our users. Searching online could find a lot of reviews about our parts and cars.

Iam new to this forum and just wanted to share my thoughts on the voltz. I bought the Voltz in february and have done quite a lot of running with it. Generally very satisfyed with the car even if there are some weak spots. Been running mostly sand tracks but also some bash running.
end user
Although it has not proven completely bulletproof with it has been very reliable compared to other 1/5th scales and has during the season become my favourite bash car. It may not be the most durable in huge jumps or be the fastest 1/5 th scale around but the thing i love most with this car is that it is so extremely versatile.
John Doe
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I have been driving my Voltz on many bash meetings and offroad tracks since i bought it in february. Very satisfied with it. Some minor breakages in crashes but the drivetrain has been bulletproof. It is a Voltz version 1 that is upgraded with all the 2019 upgrades. It shares only a few parts with the dh v2.
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