FID Racing is a professional designer and manufacturer of large scale radio controlled cars and upgrade parts. In 2010 we entered into upgrade parts market and developed several well-known parts, like remote electric starter, automatic reverse gear system, 4 × wheel hydraulic braking system, 2 speed transmission kit etc, for popular models such as LOSI 5T, DBXL and HPI Baja. Then in 2013 we had our first large scale rc car, 1/5 scale off-road solid axle Dragon Hammer, and in late 2017, another large scale car, 1/5 scale off-road Voltz, both desert buggies. In 2018 at the request of a friend we started developing an utility car, a mobile camera platform – CineMover, and finished the development in 2021. It has been used in filming jobs, assisting dynamic low angle shooting missions. So to date we have 3 cars and a range of upgrade parts.

FID Racing is strong in its engineering capability and acute insight into the market trend. We are the first to introduce into 1/5 scale category solid axle, electric starter, hydraulic braking system, automatic reverse gear system. We have an obsession for aesthetics and manufacturing quality. Our cars feature a symmetric structure and modular design, and our upgrade parts enhance not only functionality but the appearance. To guarantee our product quality, we use a lot of different manufacturing methods, CNC, EDM, power metallurgy, anodization, bluing, black oxidation etc. FID Racing makes only good things.

Customer Reviews

FID Racing has been in the industry for a considerable amount of time and has a large customer base. A quick online search will reveal numerous reviews about our parts and cars.

Iam new to this forum and just wanted to share my thoughts on the voltz. I bought the Voltz in february and have done quite a lot of running with it. Generally very satisfyed with the car even if there are some weak spots. Been running mostly sand tracks but also some bash running.
end user
Although it has not proven completely bulletproof with it has been very reliable compared to other 1/5th scales and has during the season become my favourite bash car. It may not be the most durable in huge jumps or be the fastest 1/5 th scale around but the thing i love most with this car is that it is so extremely versatile.
John Doe
end user
I have been driving my Voltz on many bash meetings and offroad tracks since i bought it in february. Very satisfied with it. Some minor breakages in crashes but the drivetrain has been bulletproof. It is a Voltz version 1 that is upgraded with all the 2019 upgrades. It shares only a few parts with the dh v2.
end user

Note: FID Racing has only one official store that is on AliExpress. We don’t run store on any other shopping platforms. There are stores in FID’s name on different platforms like eBay, AliExpress. They are just resellers.