Dragon Hammer V2

One of the largest 5th scale rc cars on the market. All-Wheel Drive. CNC billet alloy parts are everywhere. Dragon Hammer features rear solid axle, CVD shaft, huge adjustable hydraulic shocks, and proprietary wheel design.

Large Scale Gas Car

Dragon Hammer is the first 5th scale with a solid rear axle. It has a real scale inspired four link suspension, huge shocks. It is all wheel driven, and made to go across any surface. The front suspension offers long travel with 185 mm long shocks and its gull wing design gives more ground clearence. Dragon Hammer also comes with three alloy diff cases. The front and rear diffs comes with helical cut gears for a smoother and stronger mesh. The off-road tyres are efficient on nearly all surfaces: gravel, grass, muck, dirt and snow. The 7075 alloy turnbuckles offers more front ground clearence, while the caster blocks are much larger and are using larger bearings.

Since its first rollout in 2013, Dragon Hammer became one of the heaviest and largest 1/5 scale rc cars. In the following years, it went through several modifications, and evolved 2 generations, making it one of the most advanced motorsport grade 5th scale buggies.


Heavy Duty Alloy Protective Plate in 5mm, Nylon Front Arms & Alloy Trailing Arms, Pre-Installed Fender


V2 Upgraded to Gull Wing Front Arm, Lengthened Suspension Travel, Wider Track Width

Rear Axle

Real Scale Inspired Four Linked Suspension, Built-in Fully Metallic Differential & Drive Shaft


Fully Metallic Front / Middle / Rear Differentials, Heat Treated High Carbon Steel Gears


FID Racing Proprietary All Terrain Tyre, Aggressive Tread Engineered for Off-Road Domination


Dragon Hammer V2, one of the largest rc cars, pioneered in many sides, the huge adjustable metallic hydraulic shocks, indestructible chassis design, real-life scaled solid rear axle.


Dragon Hammer V2 features a compact and light-weight design. The whole structure is neatly configured and rationally slimed. Weight balance is carefully engineered so that DH could manage any drive mode and road condition.


Dragon Hammer V2 is designed to easily assemble, maintain and upgrade. It mainly consists 4 sections: front suspension system, rear suspension system, chassis and equipment compartment.

Front Suspension

Dragon Hammer V2 comes with large metallic adjustable hydraulic shocks, metallic gearbox, CV-style driveshaft, 2 link rod steering, gull wing lower arm, wide extended wheel hub and solid nylon bumper.

Rear Suspension

Dragon Hammer V2 is the first to bring solid rear axle to 5th scale car. The rear section comes with 4 link triangulation design and 2 large height adjustable and billet alloy CNC trailing arms. Now full metallic rear axle is also available with DH V2.


Dragon Hammer V2’s chassis is extruded and CNC cut to precision. It’s a heavy duty 5mm thick alloy 6061-T6 plate, further strengthend with edge slightly bent to strengthen. Fender is pre-installed.

Air Filter

paper air filter, support max.70CC engine

Wheel Hub

• wide solid billet alloy wheel hex
• metallic center cap
• steel brake disc
• brake pad in durable fibre


metallic steering system

Throttle / Brake

• adjustable push-pull linkage
• stepless servo
• aluminum alloy 15T arm
• steel lever


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