FID Dragon Hammer V2

This large 1/5 scale monster truck is a real badass. It comes with a full metallic chassis. Aluminum parts are everywhere. Most of the parts are custom-made to create a real-life scaled all-terrain buggy.

Off-Road RC Gas Truck

FID Dragon Hammer is the first 1/5 scale off-road truck produced in China. Since its first rollout in 2013, it has undergone several modifications. In 2016 it officially launched its evolved 2nd version. Up until 2021, FID made some further upgrades, like full metallic rear axle. FID Dragon Hammer is one of the most advanced motorsport grade 5th scale buggies. Its body is full metallic and mounted with a powerful engine and a robust roll cage, which enables it to traverse any terrain.

FID Dragon Hammer is one of a kind, the first 1/5th scale off-road truck coming with a solid rear axle. A real scale inspired four link suspension, huge 235 mm long shocks, everything is made to go across any surface. The front suspension offers long travel with 185 mm long shocks and its gull wing design gives more ground clearence. FID Dragon Hammer also comes with three alloy diff cases. The front and rear diffs comes with helical cut gears for a smoother and stronger mesh. The off-road tyres are efficient on nearly all surfaces: gravel, grass, muck, dirt and snow. The 7075 alloy turnbuckles offers more front ground clearence, while the caster blocks are much larger and are using larger bearings.


Heavy Duty Alloy Protective Plate in 5mm, All Metal Front Arms & Trailing Arms, Plus Pre-Installed Fender, and More


V2 Upgraded to Gull Wing Front Arm, Lengthened Suspension Stroke, Wider Trackwidths, and More

Rear Axle

Rear RWD Design, Real Scale Inspired Four Linked Suspension, Built-in Differential & Half-Shaft Drive, and More


Fully Metallic Front / Middle / Rear Differentials, Heat Treated High Carbon Steel Gears, CNC Machined To Precision and More


FID Proprietary All Terrain Tyre, Giant Size 230 × 80mm,  Aggressive Tread Engineered for Off-Road Domination

FID Dragon Hammer V2 Brings A Lot Of Upgrades

Ironed out any issue with V1. Ready to do heavy terrain run, rock crawl or pull the kids in a cart cross the lawn.

  • L × W × H: 950mm × 540mm × 355mm
  • Wheelbase: 616.5mm
  • Front Tire Track: 457.4mm
  • Rear Tire Track: 461.4mm
  • Big Chassis: 5mm 6061-T6
  • 7mm Thick Shock Shafts
  • 235mm Long CNC Alloy Bodied Rear shock Absorbers (225mm Hole to Hole)
  • 185.5mm Long CNC Alloy Bodied Front shock Absorbers (175mm Hole to Hole)
  • 61 Tooth Steel Main Spur Gear
  • 20 Tooth Steel Pinion Gear
  • Fuel Tank Capacity:750ml
  • Body shell: Clear with Stickers
  • Alloy Front / Middle / Rear Differential Gear Box
  • Off-Road Tyres:179 × 75mm
  • RTR Net Weight: 18.5kg
  • Gross Weight:24k
  • Billet Alloy Front Shock Tower
  • Billet Alloy Rear Shock Towers
  • Billet Alloy Front Swaybar Brace
  • Billet Alloy Front Bumper Mount
  • Billet Alloy Front Top Plate
  • Billet Alloy Front Diff housing
  • Billet Alloy FULL Centre Rear Axle Diff Housing
  • Billet Alloy Front Chassis Brace
  • Billet Alloy Full Steering Set Up
  • Billet Alloy Center Bearing Holder
  • Billet Alloy Full Center Diff Tower & Brake Calipers
  • Billet Alloy Pinion Holder / Engine Mount
  • Billet Alloy Small Engine Brace
  • Billet Alloy Rear Swaybar Arm
  • Billet Alloy Shock Caps All Round
  • Billet Alloy Trailing Arms
  • Billet Alloy Upper Four Link Ends With Rose Joints
  • Billet Alloy Fourlink chassis mounts
  • Billet Alloy Fuel Cap & Filler Neck
  • Billet Alloy Extended Wheel Hexes & Caps
  • Billet Alloy Radio Tray Plate
  • Billet Alloy Rear Top Plate
  • Alloy Turnbuckles
  • Alloy Small Engine Mount
  • Alloy Adjustable Throttle & Brake Linkage Set Up (Including Servo Horn 15 Tooth Splines)
  • Alloy Adjustable Steering Horn, With ‘Push Pull’ Linkages (15 Tooth Spline)
  • Alloy Pinion/Clutch Housing To Engine Spacers & Chassis Mount
  • Alloy Engine Spacer Chassis Plates
  • Alloy Servo Screw Spacers & Screws
  • Air Filter Unit (Including Housing, Filter, Top Plate)
  • Fuel Line ‘Anti Pinch’ Springs
  • Bolts for Small Engine Mount
  • Screws for Engine to Chassis
  • Bolts for Pinion / Clutch Housing / Air Filter
  • Gasket for Air-filter
  • Battery Tray Dimensions: 150mm Long 32mm Wide 40mm Deep
  • Engine (29cc − 38cc)
  • 62mm Servo’s × 2 (Throttle / Brake / Steering)
  • Radio Gear (Handset / Receiver)
  • Receiver Battery
Recommended Parts:
  • 3rd Channel Kill-Switch / Fail-Safe
  • FID Dragon Hammer Performance Exhaust Pipe