CineMover is an utility vehicle, intended for professional filmmakers. It’s also called RC Camera Car, Gimbal Car or Buggy Cam, capable of providing dynamic low-angle shot and perfect for chase, follow and side profile shot.

RC Gimbal Car

CineMover is an idea put forth by a filmmaking friend. FID Racing just has the right skill for engineering this car. We started the development from 2018, made 4 prototypes, tested it in different scenarios, and finally decided on CineMover, our first Gimbal Car. CineMover has different speed modes, adjustable ground clearance, long duration, nimble operation. It is equipped with HobbyWing 12S power system, powerful and better linearity. All wheel driven, Ackermann steering system, Independent suspension adapts it to many ground conditions. CineMover’s gimbal mount is designed based on DJI Ronin 2, and could be modified to accommodate any other gimbal model.

General Specifications

  • Scale: 1 / 4
  • L × W × H: 960 × 620 × 280mm
  • Wheelbase: 725mm
  • Ground Clearance: 125mm max
  • All Terrain Tyre: 230 × 120mm
  • Shock Absorbing System: 4 x steel height adjustable absorbers Plus 4 x hydraulic dampers
  • Motor: FID Proprietary 800KV Brushless Sensorless Motor
  • Motor Size: 56 × 113mm
  • ESC: HobbyWing 200A Brushless Sensorless ESC (support max 8S)
  • Servo: 2 × mettalic servos, output 150kg
  • Chassis: heavy duty aluminum alloy plate in 5mm
  • Front Suspension: all metal independent suspension
  • Rear Suspension: all metal independent suspension
  • Drive Mode: all wheel drive
  • Differentials: metallic front / middle / rear differentials, 2 gears shift
  • Speed: 0 ~ 70Km/h
  • Gross Weight: 30kg (including battery)
  • Payload: 25kg
  • Battery Compartment Dimension: 200 (L) × 91 (W) × 65 (H) mm
  • Battery Compartment Cap in Detachable Design


CineMover’s mounting plate is placed on a steel wire rope, anti-vibration system. The maximum payload is 20KG. To accommodate to different application scenario, FID could also customize it.


FID CineMover is a Modular Design. The Chassis Module is CNC Machined, made of Aluminum Alloy, Oxidizing treated and Matte Black Painted. The Compartment is designed to Dust Proof. 2 Large Beams make CineMover destructible. All the Electronics, Gearbox, Driveshaft etc are Middle Placed.


CineMover uses FID’s Proprietary Suspension System. Each Absorber comes with a Damper which provides better stability. CineMover is designed with advanced Ackermann Steering System.


FID CineMover is equipped with the most advanced HobbyWing 200A Sensorless Brushless ESC, and FID proprietary 800KV Sensorless Brushless Motor. CineMover has a Maximum 4.5KW output, and shoots at 75km/h speet.


FID CineMover’s Power is belt transmission, and equipped a 2-Gear Gearbox. Differential is built in the Gearbox. Through Shift Servo, power is transmitted to Front & Rear Gearbox to drive the 4 Wheels.


FID CineMove has 2 huge Battery Compartments in 200 × 90 × 65mm each. It could hold up to 2 × 22,000mA 6S Lipo Battery, and allows for up to 24 hours continuous work. The cap is designed to be easily detached.


With battery, FID CineMover weighs at 35KG. To move this heavy machine nimbly, CineMover is equipped with 2 Steering Servos, delivering total 140KG torque, and a Shifting Servo, delivering 70KG torque. 2.4G signal controls the shift.

CineMover Development

RC Camera Car


RC Camera Car

First Prototype, Height Adjustable Camera Mount

RC Camera Car


RC Camera Car

We call this 'landmine'. Very stable but intricate

remote dolly system

Late 2019

remote dolly system

Remote Dolly System

RC Camera Car

2020 Almost there

RC Gimbal Car

2021 finally