CineMover is intended for professional filmmakers, also called RC Camera Car, Gimbal Car or Buggycam, capable of providing dynamic low angle shooting and perfect for chase, follow and side profile shot.

RC Gimbal Car

C​ineMover is designed to assist professional filmmakers in dynamic low angle shooting missions. It’s full metallic and off-road chassis and suspension design, and equipped with powerful HobbyWing brushless system, capable of speeding this 30kg beast to 75kg/h. With our proprietary 2 speed transmission system, speed control is very easy. We can do Fixed Speed, Slow Start & Slow Stop, Super Slow Speed and High Speed Chase Shooting. Huge Battery Tray features quick release design and allows for 2 × 22000mAh High Discharge Rate 6S batteries in series, providing days run time. Gimbal mount is regular wire rope isolator, and defaults to support DJI Ronin 2. It’s possible to adapt to any other gimbals or stabilizers.

General Specifications

  • Scale: 1 / 4
  • L × W × H: 960 × 620 × 280mm
  • Wheelbase: 725mm
  • Ground Clearance: 125mm max
  • All Terrain Tyre: 230 × 100mm
  • Shock: Metallic Dual Shock System
  • Motor: HobbyWing EzRun 56113 × 800kv Sensorless Brushless Motor
  • ESC: HobbyWing ExRun Max 5, 200A Brushless Sensored (support max 8S)
  • Servo: 2 × 70kg Metallic Steering Servos, 1 × 70kg Metallic Shifting Servo
  • Chassis: Heavy Duty Aluminum Alloy Plate in 5mm
  • Front & Rear Suspension: All Metallic Independent Suspension
  • Drive Mode: All Wheel Drive
  • Differentials: Metallic Front / Middle / Rear Differentials, 2 Speed Transmission
  • Speed: 0 ~ 75Km/h
  • Gross Weight: 30kg with batteries
  • Gimbal Mount Payload: 25kg
  • Battery Tray: 200 (L) × 91 (W) × 65 (H) mm, Quick Release Design


CineMover’s gimbal mount is regular wire rope isolator. Its maximum payload is 25KG. It supports DJI Ronin 2 by default, and could be adapted to any other gimbals or stabilizers.


CineMover consists of front, middle and rear, 3 modules. Its chassis is made of Alloy, CNC Machined, Oxidized to Matte Black Finish. Its electronic tray is designed to Dust Proof. 2 Large Beams make CineMover indestructible. 


CineMover uses FID’s Proprietary Dual Shock Design and features advanced Ackermann Steering System. Each Absorber comes with a Damper which provides better stability.


CineMover is equipped with HobbyWing Sensorless Brushless Power System. With our 2 × speed gearbox, it allows for different speed control, suiting your shooting needs. Max speed:75km/h.


CineMover is 4 wheel drive and features belt transmission. It is equipped with 3 metallic diffs and a 2-Speed Gearbox, and remotely controls the gear shift.


CineMove has 2 huge Battery Trays, 200 × 90 × 65mm each, and features quick release design. It allows for 2 × 22000mAh High Discharge Rate 6S batteries in series, providing days run time.


CineMover weighs 30kg with batteries. To move this heavy beast nimbly, it comes with 2 Steering Servos, delivering total 140kg torque, and a Shifting Servo. 2.4G signal allows for up to 300m remote control.

CineMover Development

RC Camera Car


RC Camera Car

First Prototype, Height Adjustable Camera Mount

RC Camera Car


RC Camera Car

We call this 'landmine'. Very stable but intricate

remote dolly system

Late 2019

remote dolly system

Remote Dolly System

RC Camera Car

2020 Almost there

RC Gimbal Car

2021 finally


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