FID Racing Founder Mr. Young


FID Racing's founder, Mr. Yang, is a serious enthusiast of RC cars and has been passionate about the hobby since his school days. In the early days, he had been conceiving of building his own dream car. He studied mechanics in college and worked in mechanical manufacturing businesses for many years after graduation. During this period, the concept of the Dragon Hammer was taking shape. In 2010, he dropped his job and set up his own workshop, dedicating himself to the RC hobby business.

Aftermarket Parts

FID Racing began as a quality aftermarket parts supplier for well-known brands such as Losi, HPI, and Kingmotor, with a focus on large scale models. Our parts are mostly CNC alloy ones, and we spend a lot of time studying each model. Each part is not just a material replacement but a functional and appearance enhancement. In the past, we have introduced some unique parts and kits such as the electric starter kit, one-key reverse kit, two-speed transmission, and hydraulic braking system. FID Racing plans to invest more in this lineup in the future.

FID Racing Dragon Hammer Voltz

1/5 Scale RC Cars

The Dragon Hammer is a gas RC car powered by a two-stroke engine. Upon its release, it immediately caught the attention of many. It was the first car with a solid axle and the first fully metallic and fully upgraded car. In early 2018, another large scale car, the electric Voltz, was born. It is an evolution of the Dragon Hammer and has undergone three generations. The newest version will come with 12S power and a hydraulic braking system.

FID RC Camera Car

Utility Vehicles

In late 2018 FID Racing started developing a practical car for professional filmmaking business - CineMover, a remote camera platform, also called Camera Car and Gimbal Car. It could provide a dynamic low camera angle shot. With this gimbal car, the possibilities are limitless. You could create some never-seen-before shots. It could be used in a lot of scenario, like drama, feature films, sports, events or documentaries etc. With years experience, it's just right for FID Racing to make this type of car.

FID Racing strives to make the best things for RC hobby world. “Quality always comes first, and we don’t compromise quality to lower the cost.” BEST is from outside to inside, from design to manufacture. We will improve our aftersale services so that our customers are happy whenever they talk about FID Racing.


Note: FID Racing has only one official store that is on AliExpress. We don’t run store on any other shopping platforms. There are stores in FID’s name on different platforms like eBay, AliExpress. They are just resellers.