Mr. Young

FID Racing founder Mr. Young is a crazy fan of RC car and fostered this hobby since his schooldays. In the very early days he's been conceiving building a dream car of his own. Then he studied Mechanics in colledge, and worked in manufacture profession for many years. During the work days the concept of Dragon Hammer started to form. In 2010 he finaly droped his work and set up his own workshop and devoted into the making of his first dream car, a 1/5 scale off-road truck, Dragon Hammer.

FID Racing Dragon Hammer Voltz

5th Scale RC Truck

As most hobbyist would like to possess, the first generation of Dragon Hammer is a gasoline power RC car driven by a two-stoke engine. Upon its rolling out it gave a big bang to the domestic market. It has an ownsome appearance and its frame is all metallic. This is also the first 1/5 scale off-road car made by a China company. In 2018, to cater for a high demond of electric RC car, FID Racing developed our first electric car, Dragon Hammer Voltz. As its name means, it is an evolution of 1/5 scale off-road gas truck. 90% of its build are made of metal, mainly aluminum. Now Voltz has gone through 3 generations. At its 1st generation, it supports 8s battery and now it's 12s.

FID RC Camera Car

Utility Vehicle

In 2021 FID family had a new member - CineMover, a remote camera platform, also called Camera Car and Gimbal Car. It is a professional camera gear, intended for filmmaking industry. It could provide a extremely dynamic low camera angle. With this gimbal car, the possibilities are limitless. You could create some never-seen-before shots. It could be used in a lot of scenario, like drama, feature films, sports, events or documentaries etc.

FID Racing intends to make the best remote controlled vehicles. “Quality always comes first, and we don’t compromise quality to lower the cost.” BEST is from outside to inside, from design to manufacture. We customized the important parts, like the absorbing system, the steering system, the servo and the motor etc, in high quality. We use the most advanced manufacture methods, like CNC, EDM, Extrusion, Laser Cut etc.