FID Voltz Gearbox Upgraded

1/5 Scale RC Car FID Voltz
FID Voltz's old gearbox is a bit weak. FID Racing tweaked the design and rectified the issue. In future we'll improve our work to respond quickly to our customers' feedback.

We’d like to announce an upgrade to our FID Voltz. It’s about the weak gearbox issue. We received some feedbacks and made the investigation accordingly. Hereby I’d like to express our gratitude to TurbotoTall & Marc (Please click to their youtube channels). They provided very important feedbacks and helped improve our products. Especially Marc also pointed out our failures in responding to our customers’ feedback in the past. We’ll rectify our job.

There is a weak point in the gearbox. It’s caused by the thinned wall at the corners at both sides. It would result in cracks and even serious damage. We tweaked the design and have fixed this. Below are the images before and after the upgrade.

fid voltz old gearbox
Before upgrade

At this corner at both sides the wall is too thin. When we bash hard, damage would happen.

fid voltz gearbox upgrade
After upgrade

The new gearbox used a curved corner, so the wall thickenned a lot and the strength increased.

Beside the gearbox, Marc also gave us some inputs about the motor and ESC. These feedbacks are useful and we’ll take these points into future upgrades. There are other minor issues feedbacked by other valued users. Those information is very important. We are grateful. I do hope to receive more feedbacks. It’ll help improve our trucks and develop more exciting products.

In the past, our customers couldn’t find a way to contact us. Now it’s different. In future please contact us through Rhett at rhett@localhost.



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